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Delight your trendy customers

The apparel business environment has become as complex as it is comprehensive. Customers expect a lot more, a lot faster and with different assortments at desirable prices. ETP Omni-channel Retail Solutions ensure you exceed customer expectations for all seasons and improve profitability.

  • Create colour/size matrix for articles and manage inventory at style level and reduce cut sizes

  • Enhance customer experience by providing quality service and offering a seamless omni-channel shopping experience

  • Fulfill online/e-commerce orders from store inventory and allow for any store returns for both, in-store and online purchases

  • Have a single customer ID across all retail channels to enable unified loyalty management

  • Enable timely information of customer buying history, customers’ average spend per visit, brand/category preferences to facilitate cross-selling/up-selling and increase conversions on footfalls

Image by Yarenci Hdz
Image by Felipe Galvan
  • Manage product, price and promotions across multiple channels and handle end-of-season sales efficiently by introducing innovative promotions

  • Manage merchandise, time, location and customer hierarchies for planning category-wise and location based promotions

  • Provide visibility of sales and inventory across channels to replenish at category and style level

  • Avoid lost sales by providing ‘endless aisle’ capability in-store to service customers better

  • Enable in-store mobility with a secure Mobile POS to service customers faster and also perform queue bursting

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