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Implementation services 

Business-ready enhancement plan

Your Microsoft Dynamics enhancement plan service plan is what you need to stay compliant, competitive, and thrive in today’s complex global business environment. It can also help you to prepare for the future because your company might want to transition from your current on-premises Dynamics solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables organizations to monitor the performance in real time, predict future outcomes, and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

The Microsoft Dynamics business-ready enhancement plan support plan continues to help you reduce downtime and mitigate support costs. Benefits include:

  • New version rights, hotfixes, service packs, and regulatory releases.

  • Self-support tools available through the Customer Source online portal.


The business-ready enhancement plan for Microsoft Dynamics customers helps you get the most from your investment. Read on for details about business-ready enhancement plan benefits, as well as contact information to help you stay connected.

Business Consultation
Business Meeting

Benefits & Features

Get maximum solution value.
Stay ahead with new version rights, updates, hotfixes, and regulatory updates.

  • New version rights: Stay ahead of technology advances through new version rights and updates. Increase your organization’s speed, performance, and productivity.

  • Updates and tax and regulatory releases: Help ensure the ongoing value of your Microsoft Dynamics solution by staying up to date and running at peak performance with service packs and hotfixes available through the mainstream or modern support phase. You will also have access to new government regulatory and tax documents, and updates to help your organization stay legally compliant.


Get fast, self-directed issue resolution.
Gain access to CustomerSource, a centralized resource for self-directed support and tips, community-based learning, expertise, and services.

  • Access to CustomerSource: Drive user adoption and help employees boost productivity by accessing tools and resources 24 hours a day through this unique, online portal designed specifically for our customers. Take advantage of self-directed support, easy access to knowledge base, and troubleshooting steps to help you solve issues quickly, unleash new functionality, and improve business processes.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Community: Exchange ideas, ask questions, and discuss solutions with your peers. Take advantage of the tens of thousands of technical articles written by Microsoft Dynamics support engineers, or purchase direct, one-on-one traditional incident support from Microsoft experts.

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